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pixie testimonial photo

When Stacy and I go out on a shoot, I’m myself: frazzled, a bit self-conscious, gulping deep breaths. When she directs me, I become a star in that moment. I follow her lead and let go. We always end up in a patch of light where I feel the wild dance in me awaken. She softens my edges, puts me in a dreamy state; I leave my reality and enter into the one where I am a Queen… a Goddess. Having her photograph the women at my retreats gives them an opportunity to experience the state of being softened, and also in power. She doesn’t “capture” anything at all. That would indicate the trapping of a fleetingness. No. She sets us free.

Pixie Campbell

isabel testimonial photo copy

she is the real deal. and i love her. and i mean it when i say, if you are seen by her, you walk away changed. she gives you back all the pieces of you, and they find their way to integrate together, whole.

Isabel Faith Abbot

anna testimonial pic

Stacy has a magical way of making her subject feel like her muse, like everything that is happening is exactly what is supposed to be happening and the shoot is effortless. So effortless for me that I thought it would be okay even if the pictures weren’t fabulous. However when I saw the pictures my jaw dropped. I have never seen myself portrayed in such a beautiful, sensual and magical light. It was as if all the hopes and dreams I have had about what I would BE someday were right there in these photos – like I had ‘arrived’. I feel that my photos (and many others I have seen that Stacy has shot) have a common thread of three graces – The Divine Feminine, Mother Nature, and a woman who is swimming in the glorious beauty of her very own self. Stacy successfully opens this portal and actually records it on film. Stacy de la Rosa is an unbelievable photographer and it makes me feel like a Queen that I have portraits done by her. Such a very precious gift to give oneself and the world.

Anna Wingfield

kristen testimonial photo

Stacy has been gifted with an extraordinary ability to see what is deep within. The beauty. The light. She sees. The photos she took of my daughter are something I will treasure always.

Kristen Timmers

nika testimonial photo

Stacy makes complete magic with her camera, from the moment you step into co-creating with her. She is able to see beyond the surface, the daily grind, the stress, the mess you left back at home, and captures your most beautiful soul essence, your true beauty-full self. Seeing myself through her lens and in the resulting pieces of art has completely shifted things for me. I want the world to see me every day the way Stacy sees me with her camera. And in part because of the magic of working with Stacy, I have the courage to make the changes needed so that becomes my reality.

Nika Ridley

tiffany testimonial pic

She understands your vision and who you are before you do. Work with her. Book her if she has any availability. You will never be the same.

Tiffany Dyer Bird